What is The Strategy You Want?

A weekly newsletter exploring strategy through the lens of marketing and history. Helping you think differently about your marketing and your business so you can get what you want, and want to do the work to get it.

Who should read this?

The Strategy You Want is for business owners and leaders who want another perspective on their marketing. A perspective rooted in what works for the long-term, and what’s sustainable for years to come. If you’re interested in marketing, history, philosophy, or strategy, subscribe below.

Why are you writing this?

I don’t like watered down, half-hearted marketing “thought leadership” that anybody could write. I want to read—and so I try to write—something original, thoughtful, and with a clear perspective.

About Me

Hi, I’m Joel Kelly.

I am a life-long marketer and strategy enthusiast. I've been a senior leader in creative agencies, a content marketing director, a SaaS product marketer, and a PR and crisis consultant.

My mission is to help business owners get what they want through careful, deliberate strategy. This newsletter is one way I’m doing that.

I’ve applied these lessons to my own company, The Family Knife. A boutique strategy firm that combines high-end strategy with joyful implementation coaching.

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If you'd like to work with me on your business, you can visit my strategy firm's website at TheFamilyKnife.com or contact me directly at joel@familyknife.com.